Origins of a cabinetmaker

My business began as Hamilton Construction and Renovations in Prince George, British Columbia in 1996 pretty much the moment I obtained my Red Seal certification. My work involved formwork, framing, residential and commercial construction to lockup. In 2002 I moved to Courtenay on Vancouver Island where I contracted to a highly respected builder there, adding fine finishing and exteriors to my list of expertise, quickly earning the title ‘master carpenter’.
Late in 2003 I sustained a work injury which resulted in having two of my cervical vertebrae fused permanently together, prompting my surgeon to recommend I leave heavy construction.
Once I was able to do light work I received a call from someone asking if I could build some cabinetry to house their new flat screen TV. Sure, I said. I had some basic equipment I had inherited from my dad and was pretty confident in my skills, so once a plan and a price was agreed upon I set to work in my single car garage for my first piece of professional cabinetry.

After I was finished installing the unit, Madman McKay Home Electronics completed the wires and cables and installed the TV.

2003 was right around the time that flat screen televisions became popular, and customers had no where to display them. Madman was so pleased with the work I had done that 80% of my work for the following year came through referrals from them. It was a beautiful partnership that launched my cabinet making career.

Thanks Madman! And thank you to my first customer, who was very happy with the project 🙂
Since then I’ve built many more built-ins, kitchens and furniture pieces.

Today I am a kitchen contractor & renovator proudly serving the Comox Valley, BC.

Have a question? Call me! 604-389-9241 or email

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