Why hire an interior designer?

This is a kitchen renovation I did a couple of years ago together with design professional BVH Design in the Comox Valley (now Codesign Lifestyle Interiors in Canmore). The vision in this project was superb and inspired me to share my opinion on why to hire a designer.


Shiny new things in your home are always nice BUT incredible design doesn’t happen by chance! Truly great spaces are always explored, planned and curated. If you are planning a renovation and aren’t sure where to begin, a meeting over coffee with an interior professional can get you on to a sure track to a successful outcome that you will love to live in, (or bring more revenue to your vacation rental suite.)

Where to start? Many designers have a unique style. Research local interior professionals and take a look at their online portfolios. Find one who resonates with you before you pick up the phone. Read reviews and go with your gut. Most will be happy to have an initial meeting over coffee or tea even before seeing your space: it’s important to feel comfortable with them and to establish good communication. Talk about your needs and expectations and establish a process.

Here are some good reasons to start with a professional.


The first and most obvious benefit of having a professional design your space is simply having a place to start. Having no plan will inevitably cost more because disorganization is expensive. A plan is the starting point for a budget, saves a lot of time and saves the client a lot of headache. A good designer will be able to point out how to get the best value for your money, where to spend and where not to spend.


Designers come with reliable connections, making it easier for the client to find an electrician, plumber and/or contractor you can trust. Good communication can also ensure that details like placement of lighting and locations of outlets so they don’t interfere with furniture layout or cabinetry don’t get missed, among a myriad of other things.


Interior consultants & design professionals have access to hardware, lighting, furniture, fabrics and other products outside of your local big box retailer that typically aren’t visible to the general public. This is a resource that will create a space that looks collected and unique, giving it that WOW factor.


Most of all, interior professionals have the ability to think outside the box. They see the big picture and consider things that most of us often can’t visualize. From colour palette and material choices to reorganizing floor plans, a pro will bring forward a cohesive space that really works and looks amazing as well.

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